Acadian Travels

Our family values experience and travel, and for some time enjoyed our explorations of Nova Scotia via our family adventure bus. Yes, a bus. Think living-room-on-wheels, not sterile school bus.

But as epic as the bus adventures can be, we have settled down roots on the Bay of Fundy coast and are building our family’s new foundation. We feel we have found that ideal place for us, and we are welcoming you to come and find your own stories here, in our home.

Our summer 2016 adventure began as an intentional visit to the Acadian regions and the discovery of our collective family history. That summer trek turned out to be a pretty spectacular route, and one we would offer to help others plan and tackle. From historic locales, to island stays, to breaching whales…it’s easy to see what we fell in love with!

Could you see your family in our vacation video? Reach out and we can help!